C.C.U.V. is a year round program open to children 6 weeks up to entering Kindergarten. We currently have two infant/toddler classrooms, two preschool classrooms and a school age program. Your child’s age, developmental stage, and the composition of the classroom, are all taken into consideration when determining placement. Our classrooms are named to encourage a sense of community within each room:

  • Sprouts Room
  • Inchworm Room 
  • Tiny Turtles Room
  • Bear Cubs Room
  • Panda Bear Room
  • Grizzly Bear

The Children Center’s programs are designed to reflect the individual needs and interests of children and focus on social, emotional, cognitive, language and motor growth and development. At each level, children are encouraged to develop self-esteem, self-help skills, and individuality. Health, safety, hygiene, nutrition and active play are a part of each day’s learning.

Morning Time Transition
Transition into the Center is based on each individual child and family. Each new family and the Program Director will determine the child’s transition schedule depending on the child’s needs. We know that transitions can be difficult for children and adults. We encourage families to say a warm goodbye to their child(ren) at drop off time. We also encourage families who have a difficult transition in the morning to call the center later to see how their child is managing the morning. Know that whenever transition problems arise, we will be here to help.

Transitions: Moving from one classroom to another
It is our expectation that parents and the Center’s staff will work together when a child needs to move from one age group to the next. We want parents to play an active role in this process and know that transitions are difficult on everyone so keep them to a minimum.  Moves are based on the needs of the child, developmental criteria, and the occupancy of the classrooms. You will receive written notification of a pending move. Parents are encouraged to communicate with the new teacher to learn more about his/her classroom. We try to give children a transitional period of at least two weeks before the move takes place. Transitions are based on the individual child and the time it takes to complete this transition depends on him/her. During the transitional period, children make regular visits to the new classroom.

Your Child’s Classroom
Your child’s classroom consists of two to three full time teachers and occasional help from part time staff members. Each classroom has its own schedule with the following elements as a part of each day: free play, breakfast, circle time, activity time, outside activities, lunch, teeth brushing, rest time, snack time, music and movement and more. Your child’s classroom schedule is posted outside of their classroom and a copy will be made for you upon request.

For example, at the beginning of the day the preschool children are all together in the Panda Bear room. At approximately 7:30 am all of the children go their respective classrooms. They come together once again at the end of the day in the Panda Bear room at 5:00 pm. 

The curriculum in each classroom is based on the emotional, physical, social and cognitive needs of the individual child. The developmental needs of the child are used to determine appropriate activities that are carried out with that child.

Because children grow and develop at different rates, this approach offers them the opportunity to explore each area of development at their own pace. Health, safety, hygiene, and nutrition are integrated into the curriculum and are an important part of every day’s learning. Your child will also be exposed to the joy of art while at CCUV. The art activities we provide balance artistic processing and the making of art products.

Holiday Celebrations
The Children's Center recognizes and celebrates seasonal holidays. We will not dwell on religious aspects of any given holiday, focusing on the celebrations they all include.  Children under 5 have a limited understanding of the meaning behind holidays but certainly understand the excitement around them!

Learning Centers
Appropriate activities are carried out in the various learning centers in each classroom. The learning centers include but are not limited to art, science, math, dramatic play, blocks, books, etc. Children are encouraged to make choices and play with others as well as themselves while playing in the centers. Our teachers act as facilitators as they extend the children’s play and promote learning by observing and asking questions.

Outside Time
All children need fresh air no matter what the season. Unless the weather conditions are extreme, we will go outside for some time every day. In the winter we will go out as long as the temperature or wind-chill are 15 degree F or above. It is our policy that children who are well enough to come to the center are well enough to go outdoors. Please be sure that children are dressed appropriately for the weather and bring extra clothes for the unpredictable weather.

We are very fortunate to be able to offer five different playgrounds to the children here at CCUV. The toddler playground is conveniently located off their classroom and contains many stimulating toys and structures for their enjoyment. The preschool and pre-kindergarten classrooms all utilize the remaining four playgrounds. The "ball side” has a climbing structure, a wide open space for large group activities and running, as well as various balls and related equipment.

The "bike side” has a great bicycle track and several tricycles to ride as well as a train and car structure. The "ship side” is notorious for our great ship climbing structure/slide, tire swings, sand box, and more. The "train side” has a gigantic train structure, a sandbox, slide, swings, and monkey bars. Water fountains are available on "train side.”

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