Healthy Kids Campaign

The Children’s Center of the Upper Valley is actively seeking grant funding to promote our Healthy Kids Campaign. Some funding has already been received through the HEAL Grant and the HNH (Healthy New Hampshire) Foundation. The Healthy Kids Campaign is a strategic effort to increase the community's capacity to address the issue of childhood obesity and promoting healthy lifestyles among young children and families in the Upper Valley.  Our goal at the Children’s Center of the Upper Valley is to provide education and to develop healthy habits at a young age in our children and families. A focus on nutrition, active play, and good habits will be a part of our child care center and after school programs.

The A, B, C’s of our Healthy Kids Program

Our CCUV Healthy Kids Campaign is a drive to focus teaching young children more than their ABCs and how to make friends. We offer opportunities for children to develop healthy eating and exercise habits. Through hands on activities and learning opportunities children develop healthy habits at an early age that will contribute to life long health and well being.

Through support from our on-site cook and our child care staff members, our Healthy Kids Campaign develops healthy menus and creates classrooms in which healthy food and exercise are taught. In addition, our Healthy Kids Campaign provides opportunities to reach out to parents to partner in this important effort in healthy habits at home. The six key components of our Healthy Kids Campaign are:

  • Healthy Choice Menus
  • Hands-On Nutrition Activities
  • Growing Healthy Kids Garden Program
  • Age Appropriate Fitness Program
  • Outdoor Active Play Time
  • Promote Education for Healthy Families


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